About Thaziri

Welcome to Thaziri, where modesty meets heritage. Our name, meaning ‘moonlight’ in Amazigh, reflects the serene beauty and timeless elegance we bring to traditional North African clothing. Thaziri honors our rich Amazigh heritage, infusing each piece with a story and a soul. Join us in wearing our culture proudly, where every garment signifies more than style—it embodies heritage and modesty.

Amazigh heritage

Our reverence for the Amazigh heritage is the cornerstone of Thaziri. The Amazigh, known for their deep connection to the land and a rich history woven through centuries, inspire our collections. Their symbols, embedded with meanings of freedom, strength, and unity, are delicately integrated into our designs. This homage to the Amazigh spirit not only celebrates a vibrant culture but also keeps alive a legacy of artistry and resilience. Through Thaziri, we aim to bridge past and present, offering not just clothing, but a wearable tapestry of Amazigh stories, hopes, and dreams.

Local Artistry

In the heart of Morocco, our journey for authentic materials begins. Thaziri thrives on local craftsmanship, where every fabric is a treasure, handpicked from the bustling souks. Each thread weaves a narrative of community and artistry, as local artisans breathe life into our designs with their skilled hands. This commitment to local sourcing and handmade excellence not only supports our artisans but also ensures that each piece of Thaziri apparel carries the warmth of human touch, telling a story of tradition, dedication, and the beauty of handmade art.